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Our story:
It all began as a small child whose fantasy and reality were still intertwined.  The first space cowboy president of Mars one day and a firefighting police officer the next, but something was missing. A friend. A companion. Man’s best friend. This little boy desperately wanted a dog to bring with him on every adventure. That’s when Banjo joined the family. Banjo was a special dog limited only by the imagination of his owner. You see, his uncle gave him an imaginary dog who could accompany him through every journey. Though as time went on and the imagination faded, Banjo was always there in some way. That little boy became a man who dreamed of owning a pizza shop and as that dream became a reality, it seemed only fitting to include Banjo. Here at iconic pizza, we believe in the power of imagination and pursuing dreams. Hopefully, our mascot Banjo becomes an icon in your life too.
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